Chamber of Commerce relocates office


The San Benito Chamber of Commerce has moved its office to a larger location, on Sam Houston.
The chamber of commerce’s growth has caused them to move locations and into a larger area.
“We needed a larger space because we’ve been growing our membership, we’ve been doing more live events, and have been getting more people coming into our office,” said Daphne Maldonado, the executive director of the San Benito Chamber of Commerce.
The chamber’s new office is located on 258 S. Sam Houston Blvd., which is across the street from its old location, and shares a space with Freedom Home Loans.
The chamber moved into the new location on Monday. Maldonado said they finished moving within two days. She mentioned that the chamber received plenty of help from some of the directors, interns at the chamber, and high school students performing community service hours. Maldonado believes that by Friday, everything such as phone lines and internet will be connected.

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