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ELIDA’S #1! Villarreal wins Hooked on Hounds fan contest

By FRANCISCO E. JIMENEZ Staff Writer reporter@sbnewspaper.com The people have spoken. A total of 32,835 votes were cast in the San Benito News Hooked on Hounds fan contest, and 16,574 of those votes went to Elida S. Villarreal, the winner of the first-ever contest deciding who the biggest San Benito Greyhounds fan is in town. …

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HOOKED ON HOUNDS: Online vote to decide fan contest winner

NEWS Staff Report It’s been 10 months since the San Benito News featured six longtime San Benito Greyhound fans in the Hooked on Hounds weekly series, and now it’s time for readers to vote for their favorite. The winning fan, or fans, will be awarded a San Benito Greyhounds football helmet donated by Head Coach/Athletic …

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