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City, District talk aquatic center, other joint projects

City of San Benito

By PETE BANDA    Staff Writer reporter@sbnewspaper.com Over 18 members of the San Benito CISD and San Benito City Commission came together for a special joint meeting on Wednesday night to begin preliminary talks on a number of different issues. Led by SBCISD Superintendent Dr. Adrian Vega and San Benito Mayor Celeste Sanchez, the two …

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City violates TCEQ guidelines, no fines expected

City of San Benito

By PETE BANDA     Staff Writer reporter@sbnewspaper.com On August 11, the City of San Benito was notified that they were in violation of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) guidelines. The violations stem from a failure to submit water quality reports for the months of March, April, and May. Although there was no …

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Traffic woes expected at B.C. for start of school year

By MARTHA MCCLAIN Special to the NEWS San Benito officials are requesting that back-to-school drivers exercise caution and patience in delivering students to the Berta Cabaza Middle School campus as the new academic year prepares to open here next week. Traffic control will be established to ensure the smooth flow of traffic in the area, …

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Chamber discusses upcoming programs and events

By MONICA FONSECA Special to the NEWS The Chamber of Commerce will soon be attempting to breathe life back into the Business/Home of the Month program in the coming weeks, as was discussed at this past Monday night’s meeting. In order to cover the entire city for judging more effectively, the city will be divided …

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City: Why was swimming pool decommissioned while it was under warranty?

By MONICA FONSECA SPECIAL TO THE NEWS A variety of citizen concerning topics were placed on the agenda for the city meeting Tuesday evening ranging from San Benito’s founder being honored, possible restrictions to be set on seasonal vendors, the City partaking in a biking trail projected to attract bicycle tourists and increase revenue, 10 …

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Memorial Day event big success for City

By PETE BANDA     Staff Writer Reporter@sbnewspaper.com Veterans filled the streets of San Benito on Monday for the annual Memorial Day veterans’ silent march. The event started in front of City Hall with veterans and survivors carrying photos of deceased veterans marching silently down Sam Houston Blvd. to the Veterans War Memorial site for a …

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Whose street is it anyways? SBCISD fixes city street amid potholes

By PETE BANDA  AND STEVEN RAY HERNANDEZ SAN BENITO NEWS Street conditions are undoubtedly one of the most talked about issues within the local community. Debates over which streets need more attention than others can constantly be found across message boards all over the internet. Well, now there’s another street causing some well-deserved debate.  Utex Drive, …

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Election Results

NEWS Staff Report In the wake of all the San Benito CISD budget controversy over the past few months, this election season had turned into one of the most heated this city had seen in quite some time. Well, it’s all over and now it’s time to see if the new candidates can help reform …

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Crematorium set to come to local funeral home

By PETE BANDA Staff Writer Reporter@sbnewspaper.com With more and more grieving families opting to say their final goodbyes through cremation rather than the traditional casket burial, the Thomae Garza Funeral Home has decided to adapt to the changing tide and has announced plans to build a crematorium within its confines. Although actually being in the works …

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Officer sent to hospital after suspect smashes window

By PETE BANDA Staff Writer Reporter@sbnewspaper.com  A San Benito Policeman had to be transported to the hospital Monday, after an arrest for Family Violence escalated into an Assault on a Public Servant. Ricardo Montez is facing both charges along with a criminal mischief charge after reportedly kicking out a window to a San Benito Police car, …

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