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BANDITS STRIKE AGAIN!- Over $10,000 worth of merchandise stolen from furniture store

NEWS Staff Report   After yet another break in at a company located in downtown San Benito, police are urging citizens to take precautions against thieves. Vandals broke into Garza Furniture earlier this week, stealing over $10,000 worth of merchandise, including several big screen televisions and air condition units. This is reportedly the third time …

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Officer sent to hospital after suspect smashes window

By PETE BANDA Staff Writer Reporter@sbnewspaper.com  A San Benito Policeman had to be transported to the hospital Monday, after an arrest for Family Violence escalated into an Assault on a Public Servant. Ricardo Montez is facing both charges along with a criminal mischief charge after reportedly kicking out a window to a San Benito Police car, …

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Woman arrested for indecency with a child

By JACOB LOPEZ  Editor Editor@sbnewspaper.com Police arrested 31-year-old Jennifer Ybarra of San Benito. She was arraigned on one count of indecency with a child, according to a press release issued by SBPD. Police officers arrived at a residence and made contact with a 15-year-old male who advised them that around 6:30 a.m. Ybarra arrived at his …

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SBPD to donate used equipment to Santa Rosa

NEWS Staff Report  According to an item on the agenda for a regular Tuesday city meeting, the San Benito Police Department is planning to donate “unused and unwanted police equipment to Santa Rosa PD.” San Benito Police Department Assistant Chief of Operations Michael Galvan, said, “Basically, we have a bunch of used vests that are …

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SBPD to increase patrols on New Year’s Eve thanks to grant

By HEATHER CATHLEEN COX Staff Writer Reporter@sbnewspaper.com As the San Benito Police Department implements their Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP), residents of San Benito are being advised by officials to reconsider their plans for drinking and driving this holiday season. A grant from Texas Department of Transportation has been obtained in order to implement STEP, a …

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SBPD holds first annual toy drive

By HEATHER CATHLEEN COX  Staff Writer Reporter@sbnewspaper.com T’was the day before Christmas Eve, and the San Benito Police Department hosted their inaugural toy drive, where hundreds of children and their families lined up to receive a brand new Christmas gift. Members of the community were invited to show up at the police department by noon on …

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SBPD adopts an online neighborhood watch program

By JACOB LOPEZ Staff Writer reporter@sbnewspaper.com The San Benito Police Department has implemented the Nextdoor program to introduce a virtual neighborhood watch-type initiative to the community. Nextdoor is a localized social network that lets members of the community create a login — they must confirm their address — and communicate nearby concerns with their neighbors. Using …

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Man gets 20 years for exposing genitals at library

By JACOB LOPEZ Staff Writer reporter@sbnewspaper.com BROWNSVILLE — A jury in the 404th State District Court in Brownsville has found a Harlingen man guilty of indecency with a child and sentenced him to 20 years in prison. In February 2013, 61-year-old Gregorio Gonzalez Jr. was accused of exposing his genitals and making sexually-explicit gestures toward 7-year-old …

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Man accused of placing pregnant girl in chokehold

By JACOB LOPEZ Staff Writer reporter@sbnewspaper.com Local authorities arrested a man on Wednesday, Aug. 27, for allegedly attacking his pregnant girlfriend. According to a police report, 31-year-old Anthony Lee Spangler of San Benito is accused of putting his girlfriend in a chokehold while hitting her in the face and body. The 20-year-old woman, who according to …

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Woman jailed for writing $12k hot check

By HEATHER CATHLEEN COX Staff Writer reporter@sbnewspaper.com Local police have arrested a San Benito woman accused of writing hot checks for approximately $12,000. Lorena Mendiola Treviño, 27, of San Benito was arrested on July 28, when she was charged with forgery, felony theft and fraud. On July 17, officers with the San Benito Police Department …

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