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Whose street is it anyways? SBCISD fixes city street amid potholes

By PETE BANDA  AND STEVEN RAY HERNANDEZ SAN BENITO NEWS Street conditions are undoubtedly one of the most talked about issues within the local community. Debates over which streets need more attention than others can constantly be found across message boards all over the internet. Well, now there’s another street causing some well-deserved debate.  Utex Drive, …

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School district employees may have other options

By PETE BANDA   Staff Writer Reporter@sbnewspaper.com With decisions on reduction of staff for San Benito CISD looming, many employees who could once list job security at the top of their list of job perks might just find themselves unemployed. On Thursday, April 16, SBCISD Superintendent Dr. Marc A. Puig will be presenting his list of …

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No one is safe: All school departments subject to staff reductions according to policy

By PETE BANDA Staff Writer reporter@sbnewspaper.com Simply put, someone or something is going to have to go.  At a special meeting on Monday, the San Benito CISD School Board approved a reduction of staff proposal from Superintendent Dr. Marc A. Puig, effectively putting any program, school, or organization at the risk of downsizing their departments, …

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Proposal Denied: Superintendent’s TRS insurance proposal shutdown by board

By PETE BANDA   Staff Writer Reporter@sbnewspaper.com           With speculation circling over the last few weeks, the San Benito CISD has finally made a decision about the future of their insurance plan. At a special school board meeting on Monday, Superintendent Dr. Marc A. Puig proposed to the SBCISD school board …

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STUDENTS WANTED: Lack of enrollment, overstaffing, causes concern

By STEVEN RAY HERNANDEZ Editor Editor@sbnewspaper.com Simply put, the San Benito School District’s financial budget is in a major crisis. Since the introduction of charter schools into the San Benito area back in 2008, student enrollment in the public school sector has significantly declined, according to SBCISD officials. This factor has put a major dent on …

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City sets $11M budget; tax rate unchanged

NEWS Staff Report The City of San Benito has approved an $11,348,360 budget for the upcoming fiscal year, down from last year’s $11.6 million. The property tax rate will remain unchanged at $0.728125 per $100 assessed property valuation for the fiscal year. The new budget will take effect Oct. 1. Administrative costs total up to …

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Board takes no action on pay raises; sets budget

By MICHAEL RODRIGUEZ Managing Editor editor@sbnewspaper.com Expect no pay raises for San Benito school district employees…at least for now. The San Benito CISD Board of Trustees on Thursday, Aug. 28, took no action on approving market value salary adjustments as recommended in a Texas Association of School Boards salary survey – dubbed the SBCISD Compensation …

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TASB identifies disparity in SBCISD teachers’ salaries

By MICHAEL RODRIGUEZ Managing Editor editor@sbnewspaper.com San Benito CISD officials identified overstaffing and a disparity in pay as chief among their concerns when considering the 2014-15 school district budget as well as proposed salary adjustments for employees. SBCISD Board President Arnold Padilla, who since taking office in May has raised concerns that the school district …

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RHISD sets $22 million budget, talks compensation plan

By MATHEW ZUÑIGA Special to the NEWS RIO HONDO – The Rio Hondo Independent School District recently approved its 2014-15 school district budget. The budget was presented to the public in a special meeting on June 30, a meeting which RHISD Superintendent Ismael Garcia said went “smoothly.” The budget is set at $22,044,198, which is …

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Officials to begin work on SBCISD budget

By FRANCISCO E. JIMENEZ Staff Writer reporter@sbnewspaper.com Preparations for setting the upcoming San Benito CISD budget for the 2014-2015 fiscal year will soon begin. “I have asked our superintendent and our business manager as to what their process is,” said SBCISD Board President Arnold Padilla. “I think Mr. (Antonio G.) Limón is trying to set …

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