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DISMISSED- SBCISD to announce names of employees who will not receive contract renewals

By PETE BANDA Staff Writer Reporter@sbnewspaper.com With fear and anxiety already at an all-time high after a last week’s school board meeting in which the exact positions facing reduction were named, Monday seems to be an inevitable nightmare. The school board will be holding a special meeting on Monday, where Superintendent Dr. Marc A. Puig is …

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No one is safe: All school departments subject to staff reductions according to policy

By PETE BANDA Staff Writer reporter@sbnewspaper.com Simply put, someone or something is going to have to go.  At a special meeting on Monday, the San Benito CISD School Board approved a reduction of staff proposal from Superintendent Dr. Marc A. Puig, effectively putting any program, school, or organization at the risk of downsizing their departments, …

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School District mourns loss of longtime teacher

By PETE BANDA Staff Writer reporter@sbnewspaper.com The San Benito School District has lost a longtime beloved kindergarten teacher.  Dr. C.M. Cash Elementary Teacher Patsy Moore dies this past weekend after serving with the district for over 15 years. According to San Benito School District Director of Communications Celia Longoria, Moore was a veteran teacher at …

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STUDENTS WANTED: Lack of enrollment, overstaffing, causes concern

By STEVEN RAY HERNANDEZ Editor Editor@sbnewspaper.com Simply put, the San Benito School District’s financial budget is in a major crisis. Since the introduction of charter schools into the San Benito area back in 2008, student enrollment in the public school sector has significantly declined, according to SBCISD officials. This factor has put a major dent on …

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Super, board president on education reform

By HEATHER CATHLEEN COX Staff Writer Reporter@sbnewspaper.com According to statistics provided by Teach for America, only 12 percent of students in the Rio Grande Valley will obtain any type of degree within six years of their high school graduation. Teach for America is an American nonprofit organization whose mission is to “eliminate educational inequity by enlisting …

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Local leaders aim to reduce youth crime

By ANGELICA CHAVEZ Special to the NEWS It was on July 22 when the San Benito News broke the story about individuals 25 years old and younger being suspected in 64.96 percent of crimes reported by the San Benito Police Department. Since then, local residents have raised concerns regarding this statistic, which was calculated from 836 …

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CONSIDER THIS: Why Prioritizing is San Benito’s Kryptonite

By MICHAEL RODRIGUEZ Managing Editor editor@sbnewspaper.com If I was forced to choose one thing that I believe is the culprit for all the controversy that has plagued San Benito over the last several years, I’d identify a misguided sense of prioritizing — characterized by our leadership’s lack of focus, professionalism and rationale — as our …

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A TIME TO GIVE: District employees raise funds for grieving families

By FRANCISCO E. JIMENEZ Staff Writer reporter@sbnewspaper.com In a school year that has arguably been marred by tragedy and controversy within the San Benito Consolidated Independent School District, there are those who have painted a different picture of the academic institution – a more thoughtful one. Such thoughtfulness is present in fundraising conducted by district …

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