First Brownsville veteran returned from overseas cemetery laid to rest

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Pfc. Marcos M. Rodriguez of Brownsville, left the friendly confines of home to join the war effort, similar to hundreds of Valley boys after the attack on Pearl Harbor during the onset of World War II. Within weeks, he found himself facing the darkest moments of the war. There, he was rubbing elbows with his colleagues, whom, akin to him, were wearing various expressions of alarm.

His life was cut short on January 30, 1945.

It was a sad day as his family witnessed his flag-draped casket make its way to Brownsville’s Buena Vista Cemetery.

Pat Ford, whom was among the crowd, described the day of Marcos’ funeral as a warm afternoon with the sun’s rays streaming through the stained-glass windows as Rodriguez’s casket made its way to face his last sunset.

At the gravesite, it was a picturesque scene, as all who were there took their place to say their last goodbye to their hometown hero. Father Caldwell, sheltered by a large open sighted tent, intoned the brief burial service.

As the final syllables of prayer came to an end, the focus then turned to the nearby roadway, where the firing squad shattered the stillness of the afternoon with three sharp volleys.

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