Elections End: Guerra becomes new Mayor of San Benito


Ricardo Guerra won San Benito’s mayoral race as runoff elections for San Benito and Rio Hondo conclude.
“I’d like to thank everyone who came out and voted for me, and I will do my best to represent the whole people, the city, San Benito first,” said Guerra in a video on Facebook. “Thank you very much, and we’ll move forward.”
In San Benito’s race for mayor, Guerra received 1,063 votes to win the election. His opponent, Celeste Sanchez earned 766 votes. Guerra won with about 58% of the vote, while Sanchez received 42%. All votes are unofficial until canvassed.
Sanchez plans to continue working with Guerra after her defeat.
“He and I have talked and I said ‘If I win, Rick, you will have an open door with me’ and I said, ‘I hope I have the same with you’ and he said ‘yes, absolutely. We plan to continue the dialogue,’” Sanchez told KRGV News.

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    • Resident on December 31, 2020 at 9:44 am
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    Congratulations Guerra as a reminder you are to serve the best interest of our town “we the people” and as 2020 has become a year of many woke up people- I hope you and all in those seats are well aware that we the people will be watching and no self-gain or favors to a counted few will be ignored by we the people! If you have any kind of self-gain agenda of entitlement I suggest you resign immediately as goes for all others on board! Economic Development Committee you stop giving leads to your counted few as well- any investments are to be shared/posted on social media so we the people of San Benito can have an opportunity to choose if we’d like to invest. We the people are watching and are very well woke up- no more! No more pay raises!!! You fix our town first and no raise of nothing!!!! De la Rosa is not a resident of our town he has no business running our town’s best interest except collecting his check and that alone is a red flag. Any employee of San Benito is to live in San Benito not neighboring towns just like one cannot run for office if one does not reside in San Benito goes the same for all San Benito city employees please rapidly fix this!

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