Boys & Girls Club holds drive-thru toy donation drive


The Boys & Girls Club of San Benito hosted its first community toy drive this year to give back to families this holiday season.
“Many families aren’t going to have the opportunities that they’ve had in the past, so we’re able to put a smile onto one family, their kids, and I think we’ve done what we’ve tried to accomplish,” said Liz Chavez, Board President of the San Benito Boys & Girls Club.
In the past, the San Benito Police Department has hosted a toy drive for underprivileged families every holiday season, but with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this year the police department decided to not to organize a toy drive. However, the police department did sponsor the Boys & Girls Club drive and gave toys to be donated.
“We had a lot of families call in asking if we were going to give out gifts and stuff. Normally, Boys & Girls Clubs in other communities do it, so we said, ‘why not?’” Chavez said.
Donations will be going to families who were nominated to receive gifts. According to Chavez, many of the nominations came from friends and teachers, among others.
“Because it was its first year, we just made a social media post. We said, ‘Hey, if there is anybody in San Benito that you know of that isn’t going to get just one gift, we’ve got quite a bit. With the first post, we got about 65 kids within the hour,” Chavez said.
When the Boys & Girls Club reached out to nominate families, many of the respondents gave their reasons as to why they couldn’t buy their children gifts this year.

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