SBCISD Washington D. C. trip price tag over $109,000

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Although school administrators have not released the financial details about a trip to Washington D. C. this summer, the News has learned the excursion will cost $109,775.25.
According to a document obtained by the News, the total amount includes model schools, conference, vendors, and costs.
Another document shows 35 people attending the conference including SBCISD Superintendent Dr. Nate Carman and his three assistant superintendents. The document also shows there are nine elementary principals, six secondary principals, five curriculum and instruction directors, three elementary instructional coaches, four secondary instructional coaches, and four teachers.
A charge of $15,904.04 to the Westin Washington National Harbor said the cost is subject to change pending board members’ participation.
Another charge of $13,312.50 for meal reimbursements will be paid out individually based on receipts submitted by attendees.
Last month during a regular board meeting, SBCISD Board of Trustees Secretary M.L. Garcia questioned Carman about the two-day retreat for professional development and coaching to the nation’s capital. The trip, school officials said, will be similar to one taken last year to Orlando, Fl.
At the February meeting, Garcia also questioned Carman whether school administrators will discuss the cost of the trip in open forum. If they are over $50,000, the school board must approve items in open forum under (federal) guidelines.

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    • Walter on May 3, 2019 at 2:44 pm
    • Reply

    Now that the price tag is over 400,000 I’d like a provable invoice by line item of how this will cost over $11,000 per person to go on a 2 day trip?
    What ever happened to common sense folks? We all know that group rates are far better than individual rates to travel and board. So, exactly how does 11,000 per person make even the remotest of sense to spend?
    Just like the misleading sale to us of the aquatic center of “no new taxes”, I feel this is another situation where public officials take advantage of “positional privilges” at tax payer expense.
    Even if the large majority is from a grant, it’s abuse of privilege. Not to mention it’s still $100,000+ that’s being pulled from coffer funds to complete the transaction! Just in regard of the $100,000 I can think of a slew of things that could be used in our district that would have a much longer lasting effect than a 2 day trip. Has anyone even seriously looked at just our schools infatructure lately? Some of them I wouldn’t even want to visit, much less attend every day.
    As school board members, it is their duty to look at costs vs return and if it’s in best interest of it’s people. In my personal opinion, the fact that a 2 day trip is over $400,000 SHOULD NEVER have even come to the table.

    • Julio on April 12, 2019 at 10:09 pm
    • Reply

    That money could be used or invested in something long term that will benefit ALL the students not just the ones in some club, sports team, or band!
    Football gets way to much money compared to the other sports, so same goes for this BS excursion!

    • WOW on April 7, 2019 at 5:34 pm
    • Reply

    Will they be chartering a bus? Seems only logical to all the crap going on. It outstanding students are unable to fly, so should the administration.

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