Superintendent responds to allegations in letter

By Freddy Jimenez

Dr. Nate Carman, San Benito CISD Superintendent of Schools responded to an article published in last week’s edition of the News, which referenced documents contained in a packet by this publication citing issues and concerns relating to staff and the overall agreement the district had with the Southwest Key Program. The opening four-page letter of the packet is printed on page 3 of this week’s edition.

In that deal, which collapsed last week after the Texas Education Agency (TEA) declared that it was the Federal Government, not the State, which was responsible for educating children who are being housed by Southwest Key upon being separated at the border from the adult(s) they were traveling with or found to be traveling without an adult.

In an article published by the News last week, it was reported SBCISD, by way of these documents, addressed to the CEO of Southwest Key, Dr. Juan Sanchez, was being accused of questionable practices and unfair treatment of district employees through the partnership with the Southwest Key Program. Due to an error in communication, the school district says it was not given the opportunity to thoroughly respond in last week’s article. This report follows up on that article, as well the Superintendent’s refutation to said claims in that document…


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