DECISION TIME: Board may name lone superintendent finalist Thursday

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The San Benito CISD Board of Trustees may select a lone finalist for the position of superintendent of schools as early as Thursday, Oct. 30.

Three special meetings have been scheduled for 4:45 p.m. on Monday and Tuesday and for 5 p.m. on Thursday. At the Monday and Tuesday meetings, the Board will meet in closed session to interview superintendent candidates as well as discuss and consider filling the position. On Thursday, also in closed session, trustees will continue interviewing one or more applicants before continuing the aforementioned discussion and consideration.

However, items C and D on Thursday’s special meeting agenda, again to be held in closed session, states that trustees will also consider naming a lone finalist for superintendent before discussing the possible delegation of authority to negotiate a contract.

The board is then expected to take action upon reconvening in open session.

SBCISD’s superintendency attracted 49 applicants for the position.

“In all likelihood, once we get through that part of the process (interviews), the board needs to get together or wait a little longer to determine who the lone finalist will be,” said trustee Yliana González.

Board President Arnold Padilla said, “There isn’t a timing issue where we say, ‘It has to be this day or have to wait.’ It all depends on how comfortable everybody else on the process and where we’re at and with the interviews we’ve done. Clearly, if all the trustees feel very comfortable with the interviews and pleased with someone, then you may be surprised to see a lone finalist named on Thursday.”

However, Padilla said a selection may be prolonged if board members express uncertainty or doubt that may require additional interviews and deliberation.

“Timeline wise, we’re pretty close to where we said we’d be,” Padilla said, “which was having someone in place in November or early December, and that’s after a 21-day waiting period that begins once a lone finalist has been selected.”

Padilla added, “We may have someone strong that stands out and who we all agree on; if not, there’s no harm and we’ll all move forward. But whatever outcome prevails, it’ll be a simple case of everyone feeling equally about it. I want to make sure everyone has an opportunity to speak their thoughts and concerns and that every board member reaches a consensus. I’m excited for this next week and we’re happy to have this many candidates.”

Once the new superintendent begins work, Antonio G. Limón, who currently serves as superintendent, will serve the district as assistant superintendent of human resources on a two-year contractual basis. However, the superintendent has also indicated that he may retire in the near future.


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