Rio Hondo to build park by Arroyo Colorado

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A new park by the Arroyo Colorado is coming soon to Rio Hondo and city hall is not letting the project go unnoticed.

An artist’s rendition of the park greets customers as they enter the only Stripes convenience store on the east side of town.

Known as the Rio Hondo shopping mall because of the traffic the store has generated since it opened a number of years ago, the store is where locals, fishing enthusiasts and people going to work stop by to grab a taco, drinks, lunch, any of the numerous shelf items or fuel.

The proposed park is going to be built on a five-acre lot on the side of town to the right of Harris Road. Ben Medina, the city’s administrator, said the park’s project is being funded through the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department and Valley Baptist Legacy Foundation.

The park is expected to cost more than $1.2 million to build with construction set to begin in late August or early September of this year.

The project includes a kayak ramp, pavilion, walking trail, parking and a recreational vehicle area to accommodate about 12 RVs. Also, the old public boat ramp off Harris Road will be upgraded.

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