Residents survive house fire

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At 2 a.m. on June 17, Enriqueta Ramos, 90, awoke to the sound of one of her three dogs, Valentina, barking loudly near her and her husband’s room.

Her husband, Damian Jimenez, 75, woke up to address the problem when he noticed smoke and fire coming out of the house.

Ramos, a retired university professor and former community activist, said she ran down her gated neighborhood of Sombra del Mesquite and luckily, one of their neighbors answered the door and called 911.

According to an investigator provided by their home’s insurance, the fire moved so quickly because it was started by an electrical circuit, which made the fire move through the electrical wiring.

None of their possessions were saved, including essentials like their phones and computers.

Their two cars, kept in their garage, were also damaged beyond use, and important documents, like birth certificates and financial statements, were lost in the flames.

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