Trustees approve leaner budget

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A $117.2 million plus budget has been approved for the San Benito Consolidated School District 2022-23 School Year as well as a salary increase for teachers and staff.

Although the budget figure is substantial, it’s $11 million less than the 2021-22 budget, which amounts to a decrease of nearly eight percent. The new budget was approved during a hearing of the board of trustees held Tuesday, June 21.

The financial package was budgeted based on a fully staffed population and a student body of 920 pupils even though the district has been facing declining numbers of those attending district schools and from employees leaving the district.

The new budget includes $54.2 million from instruction, $6.3 million from administration and more than $4.9 million in food services. Other factors making the budget pie are $12.4 million in plant maintenance, $2.5 million in security and monitoring, $9 million in debt service and $75,000 in payment to the juvenile justice.
Vicky Perez, the district’s assistant superintendent of finance and operations, said payroll costs take up 72.6 percent of the budget.

In terms of income sources, she said 70 percent comes from state revenues, more than 15 percent from local funds, or taxes, and 11.67 percent from federal revenues. The $117.2 million budget approved was about $11 million less than 2021-22 of more than $128.4 million.

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