County meeting stirs discussion over SpaceX

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A Cameron County Commissioners meeting was held at 9:30 a.m. Tuesday, June 21.

At the start of the meeting, various residents provided public comments all regarding SpaceX in Boca Chica Beach and the issues of land ownership and road closures.

Representative Alex Dominguez began by saying he is a property owner on Remedios avenue. He mentioned seeing that the eastern part of Remedios had already been taken over by SpaceX and that he noticed trash on his property.

“In the past when I was on commissioner’s court and we abandoned roads, we gave proper notice not just to the public but to property owners,” he said. “To date. I have yet to receive any notice.” Dominguez said SpaceX had asked him to join them on their endeavors nine months earlier, but he refused due to philosophically disagreeing with them.

Next, Anthony Gomez, who said he was in full support of SpaceX, wanted to know how SpaceX would mitigate public access to their rocket garden, located at the production site at the end of Remedios. Furthermore, other landowners from Starbase, he said, also want to know if SpaceX will mitigate launches and evaluations.

Property owners Garret and Vivian Acot also spoke on Boca Chica Road closures. “We own two properties in the Boca Chica area, and we strenuously object to any road closures or limited access or deprived access, to our properties,” Garret said. “We also were approached by SpaceX early on but they did not fulfill their part of that agreement so we canceled it, so we plan on holding on to our priority and would like to maintain access to our property.”

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