Resaca Shores residents voice concern over new subdivision

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Whenever a new subdivision is on the horizon, it brings a sign of progress, growth and revenues to a city or municipality. But for the residents of a decades old San Benito neighborhood, this could mean trouble.

That is how some dwellers from Resaca Shores are viewing a proposed project that calls for building more than 40 houses across from where they call home. Some of them said they built the first homes about 30 years ago on a place they call a quiet and tranquil neighborhood where families take evening walks and children play without being afraid.

Others said a new subdivision will create bigger problems to existing ones. They claimed flooding, sewage backups and increased traffic will change Resaca Shores to levels they had never anticipated.

During Tuesday’s June 7 meeting of the San Benito City Council, about a dozen residents of Resaca Shores voiced their concerns over four agenda items that dealt with the plan to build the new subdivision. Two items dealt with the voluntary annexation of 5.85 acres where the development is set to be constructed.

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