Board hires special counsel, discusses forensic audit


The San Benito CISD discussed the hiring of outside legal counsel and forensic audit procedures during a special board meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 2.
Forensic Audit
Board members Oscar Medrano, Ariel Cruz, and Rudy Corona were in favor of in-person interviews. Vice-president Janie Lopez argued that the questionnaire would be more suitable for the time being due to the ongoing complaints.
“The only concern I would have with that… is to make sure that we are not going to be violating any open meeting laws or anything like that,” Moreno said.
According to Moreno, all the information gathered during the interviews and/or questionnaire will be presented to the board.
SBCISD Superintendent Dr. Nate Carman noted that Weaver Tidwell services provide timeslots to him for board members to meet with the personnel.
The investigation procedures will be voted on in a future meeting.
TEA Issues
During executive session, the school board discussed hiring an outside law firm, Langley and Banack Inc. to respond to the TEA complaint.

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