Commission discusses street improvement projects


The San Benito City Commission discussed a legal services contract between City Attorney Mark Sossi and street improvements during a regular commission meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 9.
Street Improvements
Updates on the current roadway rehabilitation project were presented by Moises Martinez, the San Benito Public Works Coordinator. During a March meeting, the commission passed a 12-street improvement project; currently, street maintenance crews are working on improvements to South Fannin and San Patricio Streets. According to Martinez, the city expects to finish the rehabilitation project by the end of October.
Commissioner Rene Garcia proposed that the city should focus on zones rather than different roadways scattered across town.
“It’s more efficient to do a certain area rather than running from one area one side of town to the other side,” Garcia said. “We may not think that San Benito is that big, but when it comes to productivity in this sense, it’s best to be as efficient as possible.”
Mayor Ricardo Guerra suggested that the city repave roadways that don’t need curb and gutter repairs to get those out of the way.
City Manager Manuel De La Rosa also argued that the city is losing time trying to fix roads with curb and gutter issues and should prioritize those streets later. He mentioned that the city repair crews spent two days trying to level one of the roadways they are currently working on.

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