Commission discusses employee insurance and waste collection contract


The City of San Benito held a regular commission meeting on Aug. 3. They discussed the employee health insurance plan for the 2021-2022 fiscal year, and contract for waste collection services with Republic Services.
Health insurance plan
The item was presented by Gracie Alaniz, the director of human resources for the City of San Benito. According to Alaniz, the self-funded insurance plan allowed the city to amass about $900,000 in reserves. Dental and vision plans are voluntary. City employee life and disability is handled by Mutual of Omaha; rates will not change.
Commissioner Rene Villafranco asked what the staff recommendation was.
Alaniz answered that the staff recommends continuing the current plan because it allows for 3.5% savings. If the city changed the deductible, then the city would lose that savings which would impact the city’s reserves. The city’s current plan includes a $1,500 deductible per individual and a $25 copay for an office visit and $65 for a specialist.
A motion was made to continue with the current plan as recommended by city staff by Villafranco and seconded by Garcia. The motion was passed unanimously.

Waste collection services contract
The commission also discussed the contract with Browning-Ferris Industries Inc. (BFI)—also known as Republic Services—for solid waste collection and disposal services.

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