Board discusses construction proposals and forensic audit services

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Shown is the school board during a regular board meeting held on July 20.
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The San Benito CISD Board of Trustees held a meeting on Tuesday, July 20, and discussed the approval of Davila Construction proposals for the construction package of the Performing Arts Center and natatorium by Brighton Group, ROFA-RED Architects and Davila Construction and RFQs for forensic audit/investigation services.
Trustee Janie Lopez explained that she wanted the public to get what they voted for when Brighton Group proposed to the public.
“What we presented to the general public in regard to renditions is what you have, minus the square feet for the office space—minor adjustments to the line items we delineated during the building committee meeting,” said Joseph Palacios, the project manager of Brighton Group.
Board President Ramiro Moreno recommended tabling the item for their next meeting. He mentioned that one of the concerns was that the board failed to provide their general counsel copies of the items to review.
Trustee Ariel Cruz asked Palacios if the prices will change if the board opts to approve at a later date.
“There could be a potential change plus or minus, obviously on the plus end because of Covid-related issues,” Palacios answered.
Trustee Orlando Lopez said that he believed it is important to set the precedents of the prior board.
“I think it’s very important to realize that every minute we are not approving of this plan, we are basically jeopardizing this whole situation if we don’t move on with it sooner rather than later,” he said.
Moreno made a motion to table the construction proposal for next meeting and was seconded by Janie Lopez. The board voted to table the item with a vote of 4-3.
Forensic audit services
The board also voted to solicit RFQs to conduct professional services for a forensic auditing/investigation. A motion was made for the invitation of RFQs to conduct forensic auditing/investigation services by Janie Lopez and seconded by Mario Silva. The motion was passed with a 4-3 vote.

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