Commission discusses CARES Act funds


The San Benito City Commission discussed the allocation of CARES Act funding to the San Benito EDC.
Rebecca Castillo, the director of the San Benito EDC, requested that EDC staff be considered for COVID Hazard Compensation from CARES Act funding. The request was for $2800 toward EDC employees.
San Benito Mayor Ricardo Guerra questioned how much of an impact will the EDC request affect the equipment requests from city departments. The equipment requests will be fulfilled using funds from the CARES Act.
Assistant city manager, Fred Bell, answered that he and the department heads have worked to narrow down their requests.
“The task has been me working one on one with each of the directors saying, ‘help me trim the fat from your perspective before I trim it from my perspective and present it to the city manager,” Bell said.
Guerra mentioned that he would like to see the unedited list of requested equipment too.
Commissioner Pete Galvan asked if the EDC received CARES Act funding and if there was a loss of wages by the staff.
Castillo answered that the EDC did receive Type B funding which was to be used for job creation and expansion of projects. She also mentioned that the EDC staff adjusted their schedules to make sure that there was no loss of hours.

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