School board passes 2021-2022 compensation plan


The San Benito Board of Trustees made amendments to and passed the proposed 2021-2022 compensation plan during a board meeting on June 8.
Trustee Rudy Corona asked if SBCISD employees could receive more than a 3% raise. The proposed plan had a 2% increase in employee pay across the board.
Vicki Perez, assistant superintendent of finance and operations, recommended that a 3.5% increase would be the most feasible.
“In my opinion, we should not go anything more than a percentage and a half, so 3.5% would be a conservative amount that we could sustain for the next two years,” Perez said.
Board president, Ramiro Moreno, argued that a small percentage increase could make a difference.
“When you compare the percentage increases between a salaried individual and an hourly individual, it makes quite a difference, so a 3% raise across the board for our salaried people and 4% for hourly seems pretty fair,” Moreno said.
Trustee Dr. Ariel Cruz asked what consequences the district may face if they increase pay by too much.
Dr. Andrea Cruz, the assistant superintendent of administrative services, answered that staff would have to be cut if the compensation plan gets too high.
After some deliberation, the board settled with Perez’s recommendation of a 3.5% increase to both salary and hourly employees.
Moreno had an issue with elementary level counselors and high school counselors being at a higher pay grade than department directors and suggested that the directors be at a higher pay grade.

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