City Commission holds first budget meeting for next fiscal year

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Shown are the mayor and city commissioners during a budget meeting that took place at the San Benito Community Building on Tuesday, June 8.
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The San Benito City Commission discussed some proposed projects during the first budget meeting of the year on Tuesday, June 8. The budget will cover the next fiscal year from Oct. 1, 2021, to Sept. 30, 2022.
San Benito City Manager proposed to the commissioners some improvement projects planned for next fiscal year’s budget. Some of the major projects proposed by De La Rosa were roadway improvements, lift station repairs, improvements to San Benito Plaza and community center, and improvements to the water treatment plants.
“I’m fiscally conservative because I want to make sure we deliver,” De La Rosa said.
During the meeting, the commission prioritized street repairs.
“It’s time to put that money to work and I think the community here agrees that streets are a priority, Commissioner Rene Garcia said.
Mayor Ricardo Guerra mentioned that the city also has to purchase equipment such as pavers, rail loaders, and dump trucks to improve the street repair.
De La Rosa mentioned to the commissioners that the city has $1.196 million from past bonds to improve upon the San Benito Plaza and Community Center.

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