City distributes sandbags amid hurricane season

NEWS Staff Report

With hurricane season upon us, the City of San Benito allowed citizens the opportunity to fill sandbags on June 4 and June 5.
At the distribution station, five sandbags were allowed per household and 10 per commercial entity. The distribution took place at the Neuman Building at the San Benito Fairgrounds located at 551 Cesar Gonzalez Parkway. A photo ID and utility bill had to be presented by residents. Empty sandbags and shovels were provided at the center.
According to San Benito Public Relations Director, David Favila, the Emergency Management Department is in the process of determining when further sandbag distribution will take place. Favila also noted that the number of sandbags allotted has varied each time and is determined based on Emergency Management’s recommendations.
A statement was made by City Manager Manuel De La Rosa concerning sandbag distribution.
“The City of San Benito has prepared 8,000 sandbags for distribution in the event a weather-related disaster is declared. The City recently provided an opportunity for residents and commercial citizens to fill sandbags, if they desired to do so, because of all the rain events that have been affecting not only our region but the entire state. Senior citizens and disabled citizens can contact City Hall at 956-361-3800 during regular business hours for information on how to get sandbags.”

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