School board discusses next school year’s compensation plan


On June 1, the San Benito CISD Board of Trustees held a committee meeting and discussed the 2021-2022 compensation plan.
The 2021-2022 compensation plan was presented by Andrea Cruz, Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Services. The plan includes a new hire pay schedule for teachers, administrative, clerical, and auxiliary pay grades.
The San Benito CISD longevity stipend is a new addition to the compensation plan. Cruz explained that it was for full-time employees a specified amount based on their completed years of service at SBCISD. The stipend will be paid in September in an annual lump sum. New hires to five-year employees will receive $500, over five years to nine years will receive $750, and employees with 10 or more years of service will receive $1,000.
Board President Ramiro Moreno questioned if a newly hired employee during the summer would qualify for the $500 stipend.
“The way it’s proposed is new hire through five years’ experience, so yes sir if we hire someone this summer to begin next school year employed as of Sept. 17, 2021, they would qualify for that lowest tier of $500,” said SBCISD Superintendent Dr. Nate Carman.

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