School board candidates sworn in

Mario Silva

Oscar Medrano

Ariel Cruz









The winners of the May 1, 2021, San Benito CISD Board of Trustees election—Ariel Cruz, Oscar Medrano, and Mario Silva—were all sworn into office during a special meeting on Tuesday, May 10.
Remi Garza, the Cameron County Elections Administrator, announced the results of the May 1, 2021 school board election. Garza said that the total ballots were 2,487 which also included mail-in and provisional ballots.
SBCISD school board members Anna Llanes, Janie Silva, and Sonia Weaver attended their final school board meeting. The outgoing school board members each had some words before the votes were officially canvassed by the school board.
“I’d like to thank this board, our superintendent, our students, staff, and citizens for allowing me to serve you these three years. May god bless you all and thank you so much” Weaver said.
Janie Silva gave a short speech too.
“I’m sure that this board will do a fantastic job, just remind them that—think positive, go in the positive direction, do it for the kids, not for yourselves,” she said.
Llanes also had some words.
“To this beautiful Resaca City and exceptional school district, let’s keep our district leaders, students, staff, and employees in our prayers as we move forward for a better tomorrow,” she said.
During the board meeting, Trustee Janie Lopez made a motion to reorganize the school board positions. Trustee Ramiro Moreno replaced trustee Orlando Lopez as the board’s president. The nomination came from Silva and was seconded by Janie Lopez. Moreno made a motion to nominate Janie Lopez as vice-president and Medrano as secretary. The motion was seconded by Silva and voted for unanimously.

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