Commission goes through with second food truck festival

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After a first food truck festival, which was deemed a success, was held on April 24-25 at Heavin Memorial Park, the San Benito City Commission, voted to approve a second such festival for the end of the month.
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During a city commission meeting on May 4, the San Benito City Commissioners voted to host another Food Truck Festival slated to happen on the weekend of May 29 and 30.
During the meeting, City Manager Manuel De La Rosa said they will increase amenities at the second food truck festival due to feedback after the first festival. The amenities include, a children’s play area, large tents, and more umbrellas. The city also proposed to drill holes in the amphitheater seating to hold umbrellas to create a shade effect.
De La Rosa presented five dates for possible food truck events and Resaca Fest to the commissioners.
Commissioner Pete Galvan suggested to change the name of the food truck festival. The name of the event was changed to “Resaca City Food Court.”
Galvan also raised concerns if there was any feedback regarding the redundancy of food vendors at the first event. There were three food trucks that sold barbecue at the April event.
De La Rosa also mentioned that temporary fencing may be put up around the area to allow for the sale of alcohol at one of the later food truck events.
“It’s a matter of competition, you have to be free to that and open to that, so I don’t have any problems,” Commissioner Rene Garcia answered.
Mayor Pro Tem Carol Lynn Sanchez said that many of the food trucks have their own following and attracted many of their supporters to the first food court.
A motion was made by Villafranco to set the proposed dates for the food truck events and seconded by Galvan. The motion passed unanimously. The dates for future events are subject to change.

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