San Benito public parks reopen

News Staff Report
Parks in San Benito have reopened after over a year of being closed.
During a regular commission meeting, the San Benito City Commission discussed and unanimously passed the Sixth Supplemental Order 2020-04 which opens all public parks. The order also mandates all people to wear masks while doing business inside city buildings.
“I think we shouldn’t hold the parks closed any longer, I think we should reopen the parks” Commissioner Rene Garcia said.
The City of San Benito Facebook posted a flyer on its page stating that parks are open and listed some -suggested guidelines to remain safe. Those suggestions are to: avoid large crowds, avoid touching your face, wash your hands after play, social distance, cover your cough/sneeze.
During the meeting, the commission discussed if the public restrooms at the parks would also be open. Garcia proposed that the bathrooms be cleaned twice per day instead of once a day, if the maintenance staff has the resources to clean them twice a day.

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