V.I.P. Realty celebrates 25 years in business

Proud owner of V.I.P. Realty, Velma De Los Santos, has been a licensed real estate agent for almost 38 years. (Courtesy photo)


San Benito businesswoman, Velma De los Santos, celebrated the 25th anniversary of her business, V.I.P. Realty on Feb. 8.
De Los Santos has been a licensed real estate agent since 1983 and broker since 1995. After graduating high school, De Los Santos did not expect that she would be in the real estate business, she told the News on Wednesday. De Los Santos began working at a real estate developer’s office as a secretary while she was attending college because she needed a way to fund her education. She earned her real estate license when she was 19.
“It was a way to put myself through school and have flexible hours,” De Los Santos said.
De Los Santos is proud that her business is owned by a woman in a field dominated by men and is proud that her business is open to all customers.
“My doors are open so that everyone is important whether they are buying a $25,000 house—you can’t buy that anymore, but when I first started you could—or a $500,000 house,” De Los Santos said.
De Los Santos credits putting clients first and taking time with people that most others would turn away as helping her stay in business for 25 years. According to De Los Santos, many of her clients are repeat customers. She believes that putting in time and attention to help her clients has made the difference in retaining her clientele.
“I feel that everybody has an opportunity, even if they are not ready, we help grow them, so they can get their credit in line to get ready to buy a home,” De Los Santos said.
Before De Los Santos started her own real estate business, she worked in offices in San Benito and Harlingen. She later decided to open her own real estate office located in San Benito. In 1996, De Los Santos opened V.I.P. Realty.

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