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After last week’s thrilling loss against the Cardinals, the Greyhounds hosted the Harlingen Hawks at the Bobby Marrow Stadium this past Friday and cemented a spot in the postseason with a 42-7 victory over their other Harlingen rivals.
The Hawks were first to receive the ball to kick off the game, but the Greyhound defense, which has been stellar all season, continued its gridiron dominance, stopping the Hawks opening drive which allowed the Greyhound offense to get on the field early.
The Greyhound offense wasted no time getting points on the board, as the offense did an excellent job moving the chains up to the five-yard line. It was there that Elijah Hernandez would fake the handoff to the running back and take it into the endzone for six points. The ’Hounds were up 7-0 with three minutes remaining in the first quarter.
The Greyhound defense came out hot, stopping the Hawks’ first two opening drives and not allowing them to score. The Greyhound offense matched the defensive energy by coming out on its second drive and capitalizing on the good field position. The offense marched its way down to the goal line where again, Hernandez found the endzone for six points followed by the field goal. The Greyhounds opened the second quarter with a touchdown, putting them ahead by a score of 14-0 at the start of the second quarter.
The Hawks were struggling to get the ball rolling against the Greyhounds hot defense. The Greyhounds stopped the Hawks for the third consecutive drive. The Hawks attempted to go for it on fourth down, but the Greyhounds stopped the attempt, turning over the ball on downs at the Greyhounds 40-yard line.
The Greyhounds were not capable of converting on the third offensive drive even after a couple of good runs. They were shut down and were forced to punt.
The defense continued to keep the Hawks out of the endzone, forcing the Hawks to punt the ball. Receiving the ball at the 30-yard line was Leo Fuentes. He broke a couple of tackles and reversed the field for a massive gain on the punt return, Fuentes was tackled at the 13-yard line.
On the quarterback draw, Hernandez rushed the ball in for his third touchdown of the game. The Greyhounds extended their lead to three touchdowns. The score was 21-0 with three minutes left to play in the first half.
The Hawks were trying to move the chains any way they could, but the San Benito defense had the momentum and made it impossible for the Hawks. However, on the next drive, it was the Hawks who were going to make an impressive defensive stop. Hernandez threw a deep pass into the endzone where Devin Montemayor picked it off for an interception. The Hawks could not capitalize on the interception as the Greyhounds were able to stop them and finish the first half of play 21-0 in favor of the Greyhounds.
The Greyhounds received the ball to open the second half of play. They took the ball over at the 40-yard line. In the second play of the drive, Rodney Rodriguez found an opening on the right-hand side of the field and ran down the sideline to the goal line. At the goal line, Fabian Garcia made his way into the endzone, adding six more points. The Greyhounds were up 28-0 with 11 minutes left to play in the third quarter.
The Hawks had their first drive of the second half, marching down the field and eventually getting into the endzone. Enrique Mabulay rushed the ball for one yard for their first six points of the game. The Hawks followed the touchdown with a field goal, and put the game at 21-7 with six minutes left to play.
The Greyhounds came onto the field looking to keep the comfortable lead, and they did an excellent job running down the clock and moving the chains.

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