Villareal’s home where murders took place


Authorities confirmed a double murder and suicide early last Tuesday morning on the outskirts of San Benito.
The suspect was identified as 83-year-old Jesus Villareal, who also took his own life, according to authorities. The victims are identified as 74-year-old Maria Alaniz Villareal, the wife of the suspect and their daughter, 41-year-old Crystal Villareal, according to Capt. Javier Reyna of the Cameron County sheriff’s Department.
According to Reyna, the sheriff’s department responded to a neighbor’s call at around 7:50 a.m. related to a body found lying motionless by the driveway at 1675 Calle Rancho Grande in La Paloma.
Upon arrival, authorities found an elderly man with what appeared to be a gunshot wound to the head on the driveway. The man was also holding a gun, officials said he was dead.
“Officers went inside the house to see if anybody else was inside the home, and the patrol officers encountered two women who had also received a single gunshot and were also deceased,” said Reyna.
He was the husband and father of the victim, according to authorities. “We believe he ended the life of his daughter and wife and then went outside and ended his own life,” said Capt. Reyna.
“We are still gathering information, but it appears to be a double homicide and suicide. There is nobody at large,” Reyna continued.
Reyna mentioned that neighbors said all three individuals lived in the same household.
The sheriff’s office said Jesus Villareal was the caregiver for his daughter who had a disability. They said they believe that played a role in the deaths.
The bodies were sent to the morgue for an autopsy, Reyna added.
Jaime Vega, Jesus Villareal’s son, told the NEWS, “I still cannot comprehend what happened. My dad was a very calm person, very sociable, always talking and loved making new friends. He loved his animals, family and treated us all good. I don’t even know where he might have gotten the weapon they said he used. He never displayed a gun to me, and he didn’t need anything, so this was not a crime committed because of finances, unless he was going through some stress that he never showed to us.”
“In all honesty, he was not my biological father, but (he) was with my mother when I was small. He nurtured and helped me and my brothers; that’s why we grew up loving him like a father. I’m 53 years old now, and he was 84 years old, and look at me, I’m still here all the way from Florida showing my love and respect for him. He was somebody that was there when I needed him, and (he) never left our side, and that’s all that mattered to me,” Vega continued.

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