Commissioners approve rezoning for new housing

Soon-to-be homes
Seen is the property approved for rezoning, which will result in multiple duplexes on Combes Street. (Photo by David Lopez)


San Benito commissioners Tuesday unanimously approved a request to rezone a property on Combes Street that will pave the way for a multi-family residential zone.

The rezoning that residents Mario and Norma Linan requested will result in the building of four duplexes on their property, located next to St. Theresa’s Catholic Church. The three-acre space will encompass four duplexes built during Phase 1 and another five duplexes towards the back during phase 2. Phase 3 would add three more duplexes.

Francisco J. Orozco, an attorney representing the Linans, addressed commissioners during the meeting. Orozco mentioned that the City of San Benito had previously taken the position that allowing the rezoning would result in “spot zoning”, a legal term meaning that the area in question would be at odds with the City’s master plan and current zoning restrictions.

According to Orozco, the lot has sat vacant for 40 years.

“We believe the duplexes will help alleviate the housing in the area…[that] bringing more construction will help the local economy, and finally, it will raise the tax value of this property and make it productive, which it hasn’t been for 40 years,” Orozco told commissioners.

After deliberating during an executive session for over thirty minutes, commissioners approved the rezoning of the plot.

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    • La Palma on June 2, 2020 at 11:50 am
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    Well the stench doesn’t seem to bother our Mayor he lives about a 100 yard from where they plan to build the apartments. He is more concerned about his taxes going up.

    • Just a warning on May 30, 2020 at 10:45 pm
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    Have you driven by that area- it friggin smells disgusting. They need to do some serious sewer maintenance. I’m only submitting this because if those people plan to build homes there- I as a citizen or even in their shoes wouldn’t want to spend millions on it and have tennants complain about the stench.
    I don’t know how people that live in the neighborhood can stand the filthy odor.
    Bleh. 🤮

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