Under testing: Found human remains undergoing lab examination

The search continues
Authorities are pictured searching the grounds on Feb. 11 near Bus. 77 for human remains.
(Staff photo by David Lopez)

By Luis Hernandez
Special to the NEWS

The Harlingen Police Department’s investigation to identify the human remains found last Tuesday near a plaza on Business 77, is continuing at the University of North Texas. According to David Osborne, Criminal investigations commander for the Harlingen Police Department, the human remains are undergoing chromosomal testing at UNT.

“The chromosomal testing will help further the investigation. There they hope to discover possible DNA matches and to determine if the remains are those of a male or a female,” Osborne said.

Despite initial speculation linking the recent arrest of Anthony Elif, who police arrested for a separate murder in Harlingen, the HPD says that rumor has been put to rest.

When asked about the possible connection, Osborne only stated, “Elif is facing charges regarding a separate murder.”

Anthony Elif, 44, was charged with the murder of Guillermo Garcia, who was found in a vehicle with a gunshot wound to his chest on Feb. 6.

Police found the human remains last Tuesday after receiving an anonymous tip the day prior, stating that there were potential human remains in San Benito.

AEP Texas owns the property where the remains were found, located next to Subway and Cricket on Bus. 77.
Harlingen PD notified the San Benito Police Department for assistance during their search Monday but found no remains until they continued their search Tuesday.

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