Body remains found near 77

Authorities are pictured searching the grounds near Bus. 77 for body remains on Tuesday afternoon. (Staff photo by David Lopez)

The Harlingen Police Department found human remains today around noon near a plaza on Business 77.

David Osborne, Criminal investigations commander for Harlingen PD, said police received an anonymous tip yesterday afternoon stating that there were potential human remains in San Benito.

AEP Texas owns the property where the remains were found, located next to Subway and Cricket on 77.

“The reason Harlingen PD came out here is that, based on the recent arrest of Anthony Elif, the tip came in shortly after that; we can’t say they’re tied together at this point, but the information was so close in relation to that that we decided to come out here to check the fields last night,” Osborne said.

Harlingen PD notified the San Benito Police Department for assistance during their search last night but found no remains until they continued their search today.

“Shortly around noon today, we did locate what appeared to be human remains,” Osborne said.

HPD is working with the Texas Rangers and SBPD to identify who the remains belong to and who may be the suspect.

“It’s way too early to tell, we’re not gonna make any speculations or make any direct ties to any suspect at this time,” Osborne said.

Osborne said the remains will be sent off for DNA testing.

Authorities will be working throughout the evening for further details.

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