City Cemetery expansion adds children’s section

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Mourning flowers –
Seen is the San Benito Cemetery on a cloudy February afternoon.
(Staff photo by Freddy Jimenez)

The expansion of the city cemetery in San Benito is adding a children’s section for families interested in smaller plots to bury their infants there.

According to city officials, a survey conducted several months ago at the San Benito Memorial Park Cemetery indicates a total of 1,417 burial plots within the burial grounds.

City Manager Manuel de la Rosa said the development is underway and will continue until all gravesites are taken.

The addition of a section for children means families will not have to pay the full price of a regular size lot.

According to De la Rosa, Phase II Section A has 576 spaces measuring 4×9-feet, a new urn lawn would have 504 plots with a 24×18-inch each, a new double-urn lawn has 25 with a 24×30-inch size, and there are 312 spaces for the baby/infant lawn measuring 24×40-inch each plot.

Although he didn’t provide the actual amount spent, De La Rosa said the City is only spending on the cost of the survey.

As of right now, De La Rosa said adult burial plots are priced at $950 and infant/child burial plots are $375.

However, De La Rosa said city commissioners are planning to discuss a proposal to increase the cemetery’s plot prices.

“The city commission may discuss pricing on the plots in the future,” De La Rosa said in an email to the News.

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