Burglarized: Break-in at district building, minor damages caused

Seen is one of the buildings in the U-TEX facilities of SBCISD, broken into last week.
(Photo by Freddy Jimenez)

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In the stealth of the night, vandals paid no attention to the fact that they were right next to a police facility when they decided to burglarize the U-Tex Building, occupied by several departments of the San Benito Consolidated Independent School District.

According to sources, the burglary happened last week at 2001 U-Tex Drive, an area filled with warehouses, empty lots, and a station of the SBCISD Police Department.

In a phone conversation with SBCISD Police Chief Juan Sosa Wednesday evening, it was revealed that one of the two suspects was currently in custody.

“We got a call of him at a store in the community. He fled, we captured him, and we will charge him with evading arrest. He had other warrants outside of Cameron County,” said Sosa.

Among the charges were burglary to a building, burglary to a vehicle, burglary to a coin operated machine, and criminal mischief. The chief mentioned that the individuals caused damage within the building, setting off fire extinguishers and stealing money from a vending machine.

Although Chief Sosa did not reveal the identities of both suspects, he described them both as non-students in their late teens, early 20’s.

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