Railroad Avenue residents take matters into their own hands

With a little help
Seen is a dump truck from local citizen Leo Hernandez, who is aiding residents in improving their street. (Photo by Martha Alicia Lopez)

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After it was reported a few weeks ago that the City of San Benito clarified and stood its ground on not using public funds to maintain private property, the residents of Railroad Avenue are banding together to take some form of action to improve the road they reside on.

In a phone conversation with the NEWS, Railroad Avenue resident Dolores Cuellar said that she and other residents were taking matters into their own hands.

“Something needs to be done. We live in the city,” said Cuellar about city leaders. “They’re not even trying. Are they waiting for a fire or some type of emergency to occur? A lawsuit?”

Enter Leo Hernandez, a local business owner, who is using low-base caliche mix to fill up the large dips and potholes. “I’m just trying to help the people there,” he told the NEWS. “The City of San Benito is in the wrong; those people are still paying taxes.” Hernandez said he has had experience with pothole ridden roads living on Espinoza Road and therefore understands the struggle.

Hernandez has been attempting to renovate Railroad Avenue bit by bit using his own resources, even if it means going against the rain.

Using his backhoe and a dump truck, Hernandez is about more than halfway done filling in the mile-long road and plans on smoothing out the entire thing. Once the dips and holes are filled in, Hernandez will donate three-to-four truck loads of caliche to layer the road to keep more holes from forming.

“I’m not expecting anything in return,” said Hernandez. “I heard some lady wanting to give me some dollars for fuel, but I’m not expecting anything.” Hernandez’s main priority, however, is the accessibility of city services, such as law enforcement, mail trucks, and fire department, into the road to assist the residents living there. “I’m going to do my best to fix it.”

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