¡Viva La Villita! Historic dancehall hosts successful Market Days

Commerce & Community
Attendees of La Villita’s first market days are pictured at the event’s opening last Saturday.
(Photo by Megan Treviño)

Music & Vendors
Nick and Martin provide musical entertainment for vendors and attendees.
(Photo by David Lopez)


Come rain, come shine, people nevertheless flocked to Robertson Street last Saturday to attend the first La Villita Market Days. Inside the historic dance hall were miscellaneous vendors from San Benito and from across the Valley, vendors from Sharyland, Rancho Viejo, Brownsville, Mission, and Harlingen.

Bajo-sexto and accordion music played inside, concurrent with the heritage of San Benito. Outside were food and sidewalk vendors. But everywhere there were people interacting.

“It’s incredible,” said one organizer, Norma Boland. “Everybody’s pleased, vendors are already saying ‘I’m going to sign up for the next one’.”

Organizers and vendors from The Shop with a Little Bit of Everything and La Villita Dance Hall had been formally planning the market days since July, quickly gaining traction,but the idea’s inception dates back a few years.

Iris Garcia, organizer and owner of The Shop with a Little Bit of Everything, said she held this vision for Roberston Street after the previous market days, separately sponsored by the City of San Benito and then by the Chamber of Commerce, had dissipated.

“Robertson Street is described as the original town site of San Benito, and there’s a lot of history here. This area deserves attention,” Iris Garcia said.

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    • Where is the clean up crew?.. on September 20, 2019 at 6:26 pm
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    Don’t forget to mention the corner and then some.. abandoned (decaying) old bars…shut down buildings. . . Plus in between shacks where people live. Drive around I’m not lying. Yea you are absolutely correct “this area does need attention”..Iris Garcia. RMFE! Que Bonito tu San Benito!

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