Carman’s demands are not a done deal

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Without confirming or denying the exorbitant demands made by San Benito Consolidated Independent School District’s Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Nate Carman, a member of the board said such action would have to be approved in open forum.

“It has to go back on the agenda,” said Angel Mendez, one of the few board members who speaks to the media. “I won’t put it out there, I’ll be honest with you.”

Not until they have completed the legalities to the changes on the contract and go through the motion of passing the actions, then it’s different, Mendez said.

The News tried to reach every board member, but only Mendez responded. M. L Garcia returned a call, but could not make contact with the NEWS at the time.

At a regular board meeting Sept. 10, the school board approved making changes to the superintendent’s contract behind closed doors. Without giving any details in public, the school board approved the motions subject to counsel review. Board member M. L. Garcia was the only member who voted against the measures.

According to multiple sources inside and outside a closed executive meeting Sept. 10, Carman asked for a $1 million severance package in the event that a new majority was to enter the school board next year and attempted to replace him as superintendent. It is also recounted that he asked for between $14-16K to be placed into his retirement fund annually for the life of his contract with the district.

School administrators have not commented on these claims, but SBCISD Public Relations Director Isabel Gonzalez said all of the Superintendent’s contracts, from when he began employment with San Benito CISD in 2017, can be found online.

Gonzalez said Carman is evaluated annually and his current salary for the 2018/2019 academic year was $202,776.

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    • Johnny on September 26, 2019 at 10:54 am
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    Nate Carmen looks like Hitler. Imagine him with a Hitler mustache.

      • Fed Up parent and citizen on September 26, 2019 at 10:10 pm
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      Lol.. yea …smiling all the way to the bank…come on J S ..I thought you were smarter than that and you used to be a and his other followers should enjoy the rest of your terms. By the way..start packing for those who will be replaced. Citizens some of these board members will be up for re-election soon.. vote for the opposite .. we need Real board members who will work and make Right choices for all the students. These ppl are just members who make and take favors for their own families..reminds me of when the Huertas were board members…the sister got her husband in the technology dept before she was voted out. Plus remember when one of her bro in law got raise at a time when the finances were in a deep rut..around the time Dr Vega and Dr Puig were supers.( I recall someone..commenting about that a couple of years back).. I’m sure some members of this board has made plenty of Shady deals behind closed doors and under the table. Current Whole situation is pathetic and disgraceful.

      BY THE WAY IF YOU WANT THE KIDS TO WEAR UNIFORMS . MAKE SURE ALLLLL THE KIDS FOLLOW DRESS CODE NO MATTER IF THE ARE IN SPORTS , BAND, CLUBS, CHEERLEADERS OR WHATEVER .. I SEE MIDDLE SCHOOL GIRLS WEARING..INAPPRORIATE SHIRTS.. AND ITS NOT ON FRIDAYS OR THURS DURING COLLEGE OR TEAM DAYS… IF I continue to see this I will let my kids wear whatever they want.. whenever They want and send them to school.. instead OF sending them in those stupid yellow , grey , black and purple POLO shirts. IF I GET PHONE CALL I WILL CALL NEWS MEDIA AND MAKE PUBLIC COMPLAINT. MY point is. .. everyone of those kids whether girl or boy.. needs to follow the damn dress code which is stupid. .

    • Gary on September 25, 2019 at 7:24 am
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    Carmen is guilty!?- of what?! Why be asking for that kind of money if board changes only one thing comes to mind Carmen is scared of his Colluding team not to be no more! Get rid of him!!!

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