Treviño case in DA’s hands, awaits grand jury



The Texas Rangers’ investigation into the fatal police-involved shooting of 21-year-old Ricardo Treviño III is nearing its conclusion. According to Treviño’s family attorney John Blaylock, the Texas Rangers have turned in their paperwork to the District Attorney’s office, where it remains until its presentation to a grand jury.

“I’m waiting to see what the DA’s office is going to do with it, if they “true bill” it, which means they start a criminal prosecution, we may wait and see how that turns out before we file our lawsuit. If they don’t, then we’ll start our civil suit,” said Treviño family attorney John Blaylock.

Blaylock continued saying that, from his understanding, the DA’s office wishes to have “computer rendering” work done, as in three-dimensional models, allowing the office to inspect the case from various angles where police officers stood at the moment of the shooting.

speed chase that lead them down US Highway 281 into the city outskirts of El Ranchito, resulting in the shooting of the driver, 21-year old Rick Treviño. Treviño himself recorded the chase and his subsequent shooting through Facebook Live.

Blaylock also said he has yet to view the body cams, dash cams, and statements from the officers. “All that has been protected by law until the DA’s office gets done with it. And as soon as I can see that, then I will determine if we will file a lawsuit and go forward with that.”

The Texas Rangers initiated a criminal investigation regarding whether the use of force by law enforcement personnel was in acceptable standards, such that the use of force was justified.

Department of Homeland Security Lieutenant Johnny Hernandez, who oversees the Rangers, said in an email Wednesday, “We are awaiting a date to present the case to a grand jury.”

The office of District Attorney Luis V. Saenz offered this statement in an email Tuesday. “The investigation into the death of Ricardo Treviño is being conducted by the Texas Rangers and is still ongoing. Upon completion, it will be presented to a grand jury.”


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