Public sounds off on Vargas’ arrest through social media

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While some residents deemed themselves understanding of the situation, others said it is time for accountability.
After the NEWS published multiple stories on its Facebook page regarding the arrest of San Benito Consolidated Independent School District Board of Trustees President, Michael A. Vargas, 32, the public took to the comment section of the respective articles to express their concerns.

Vargas made headlines last month after being arrested on charges of driving while intoxicated on the early morning of Friday, July 5 in Harlingen. A police report obtained by the NEWS stated that Vargas was “sleeping behind the wheel of a black passenger vehicle” and displayed blood-shot eyes and slurred speech.

The initial story, “SBCISD president arrested on DWI charge,” published online and in print in early July, generated a variety of feedback from those unsurprised to those who sympathized with the board president.

“Ain’t nothing going to happen to him,” posted Jaime Torres.

“Everybody drinks. Who cares what he does after work as long as he doesn’t go to work drunk,” commented Frank Gomez.

“It’s not about him drinking, it’s about putting the public in danger by operating a vehicle while intoxicated,” responded Mari Soto Gonzalez.

Jason Garza, however, was one who sympathized with Vargas, posting, “This dude is a well educated person who has indeed done a lot for the community. He came from the barrio and had placed himself in a position where people could look up to him and admire his story. But we all know that one mistake will always outweigh all the positives. Do we all make mistakes? Yes. Are we all perfect? No.”

“May I remind everyone everything he’s done for this district,” posted Andrea Gonzalez in defense of Vargas. “He doesn’t get paid to be on the board. He loves his town; that’s why he works hard for our kids.”

Other commenters appeared indifferent with the situation, such as Everardo Martinez, who posted “Public servants, what an example.” John Smith also commented, “Another one bites the dust.”

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