Family Reunited: Resendez clan comes together in hometown

Cross-country kin
The Resendez family came from across the nation to reunite and celebrate their roots. Pictured are the relatives in front of San Benito City Hall.
(Photo by David Lopez)


A family is the foundation of society, and due to the modern world’s facilitated travel, families can be spread across the country. Or in the case of Latinos, spread across the continent. But how many families can say they reunite every so often, coming from places east and west of the United States?

The Resendez family is one such family. They held their comprehensive family reunion last weekend, with family members coming from Michigan, California, Florida, Houston, and San Antonio. Five-generations were present at this reunion, which featured fireworks, dance, music, and a mechanical bull. Still, the family was missing members from Michigan, Florida, Illinois, Idaho, California. Their last big family gathering was held in September 2001.

“The reason I was looking forward to all of this is because my mom passed away, and this was the time to come together and be together as a family and to show my grandkids the unity of family,” said Maria Jimenez, organizer of the past two family reunions and part of the second eldest generation of Resendez’s.

The Resendez family’s roots begin with Jaime (born 1922) and Francisca Resendez (born 1926). Both were born in San Benito, she in la Palma and he in el Jardin. She passed in 1995, and he in 2002. Interestingly, San Benito City Commissioner Antonio Gonzales is the step-brother of Francisca Resendez. Jaime’s parents, Encarnacion Resendez and Santos Moreno Resendez, were also San Benitians, and his parents were originally from San Carlos, Tamaulipas.

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    • Lorenzo Casillas on July 13, 2019 at 10:23 am
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    My tio and tia Resendez’ beautiful family. So many beautiful memories from growing up around them. Love you primos and primas.

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