‘Cleanup on isle 13, please’: How Jack’s In It to Win It


I won’t pretend to understand the thought process of the top SBCISD administrator and certain members of the school board. Their actions often defy logic, and border on recklessness, to say the least.

My only guess is that Dr. (Nate) Carman, the district’s current superintendent, waltzed into town less than two years ago with the blessing of the board and was told he’d have rule of the roost. With multiple contract extensions in less than two years into his tenure here, the board has made Carman, a virtual stranger in this town, arguably the most powerful person in the Resaca City, in command of the district’s $112,604,046 budget and people’s lives, people who have real roots in this community and/or have invested a lifetime at the district.

To quote Tony Conners, the Austin-based attorney representing Jack Garcia, the now former district after school program director, “Carman has the worst bedside manner of any superintendent (I’ve ever dealt with),” and Conners has dealt with supers from some of the state’s largest school districts.

What the public needs to understand is that Carman’s public persona, the seemingly amiable, soft-spoken, sometimes thoughtful and even meek individual that often comes across at board meetings, is somewhat of an act. It’s at this point I’d cite my sources to support that statement but I can base that remark on my personal experience with the man. I don’t think Carman and his minions on the board believed that people, especially district employees, would fight back, not in public, at least.

But I think Jack surprised Carman.











Contracts (1) (3-19-19) Item E

Credit Card Agreement (3-19-19) Item C

Non Compliant Purchase Form (3-19-19) Item D






































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