Mar 22 2019

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Audio reveals officers’ conversation during shooting




Newly uploaded footage of Ricardo Treviño III’s fatal shooting has revealed activity by the police officers involved.

In a Facebook post, Joanne Garza, sister to Treviño’s mother April Flores, uploaded a video widely shared by the community of her nephew’s death; however, this particular video had additional audio that depicts the officers holding a conversation after a barrage of gunshots ensued.

With a trembling voice, one officer can be heard telling another, “Nothing else until supervisor shows up and tells you what to do. Nothing to nobody.”

“Is that camera on?” a voice asked. “Cut it,” whispered another. Shortly after, turning their attention to Treviño, officers can be heard saying, “Hey” multiple times as well as “C’mon, lift. Lift. Lift.”

At one point after that, a voice can be heard saying, “C’mon. Get up, Junior,” implying the officers knew who the victim was.

“Hey! What’s up, dude? Get up,” said another voice in Spanish.

After that, another voice can be heard sighing and saying, “I can’t find it.” Another responds to him saying, “He was too chunky for me to feel his pulse. Check the one on his wrist.”

“Hey, dude! Still there?” asked a voice. “Nope,” is vocalized immediately after.

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