Mar 08 2019

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Board of Trustees grills five architectural firms during meeting, board member not allowed to ask questions concerning project manager

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Only five of eight firms tackled questions from the board of trustees at a building committee meeting of the San Benito Consolidated Independent School District on Tuesday.

Gignac Architects, GMS Architects, Megamorphosis Design, PBK Architects and Rofa Architects representatives were all doing their best to win the rights to a $40 million bond proposal that will allow San Benito CISD to build a state-of-the-art performing arts center, an aquatics center, and an indoor multipurpose athletic facility.

Before the questioning, SBCISD President Michael Vargas said the companies would have five minutes for any presentations and board members would have ten minutes for questions and answers.

Most of the questions were related to the costs of the projects, the principals on site and acoustic and sound for the performing arts center. An observation by SBCISD Vice-President Angel Mendez referred to the fact that some of the consultants were representing several of the companies vying for the same rewards.


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  1. Justice is pending

    All this Bond..mess is going to screw with Tax Payers in the end .. just watch. I’m surprised no one has asked for Super’s resignation and certain principals.. I’m looking around for a lawyer who will represent me against that administrator. That woman has gotten away with setting teachers up to fail and not renewing their contracts for years. I want legal justice!

  2. Johnny Cash

    No mention of making a warehouse like event center instead of a state of the art performing arts center?

    This is what has been going on behind the scenes away from board meetings. The board is opting out of the promised performing arts center in order to build a warehouse like events center, made available to rent for special events (weddings, quinceneras, etc), by the public FOR A PROFIT. This will take away from our local businesses like the Oak Hill Event Center & KC Hall that contribute in school district taxes.

    Also, everyone thinks that you’re smug, Michael Vargas. You keep talking down to people via social media and at public forums, but don’t forget where you came from or who voted you in. The only reason you’re still there is because you ran unopposed. Your lawyer friend will only be able to save you so many times.

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