Mar 08 2019

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Local filmmaker reaps in success

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Lights, Camera, Action – David Blue Garcia is shown reviewing recorded footage at a film set.

Filmmaker David Blue Garcia grew up in Harlingen and has had an interest in film making since he was a teenager. Now, with experience under his belt, he is finally fulfilling his dream.

Garcia said that he decided at a very young age that he was destined to make films and could not see himself doing anything else.

Garcia attended film school at the University of Texas at Austin where he learned the fundamentals of film making. He said he decided to concentrate on cinematography and made a living directing commercials, product videos, and independent films in Austin where he currently resides.

The earliest fascination that Garcia recalls with filming was a time when he was skateboarding with his friends, and he, not being very skilled at skating, decided to hold up a VHS video camera and record his friends doing tricks and messing around. Soon enough, he and his friends had developed more elaborate movies. As Garcia entered high school, he decided to join the Media Tech program and “… felt most at home when shooting and editing short films.”


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