May 31 2018

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Martinez charged in teen’s shooting

By Pete Banda
Managing Editor
A 24-year-old is in custody after being charged with the shooting of teenager last week. According to Sherriff Omar Lucio, Brownsville Police arrested Josue Martinez on a separate warrant, but they eventually turned him over to the Sherriff’s office where he was then charged with assault with a deadly weapon.
The shooting of teenager Alex Dominguez occurred last week in the Arroyo Estates neighborhood on the outskirts of San Benito. Witnesses originally told police that a man named Jaciel Cantu shot Dominguez and then put him in his car and drove off. Dominguez was later dropped off at the Hospital, however, Lucio now states that Martinez threatened the witnesses and told them to give police a fake name.
“(Martinez) had threatened the neighbors if they disclosed his name,” Lucio said at a press conference. “So they gave the information as to what vehicle was being driven and that they took the victim to the hospital, but they gave us a wrong name.”
Dominguez, 17, was allegedly shot in the stomach outside his house before being taken to Valley Baptist Hospital. He told officers that he only vaguely knew Martinez and only referred to him as “Cuz.”
The victim is still recovering in the hospital and officials expect him to make a full recovery.

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