Apr 19 2018

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Early Voting set to kick off Monday, April 23

By Pete Banda
Managing Editor
It’s that time of year again! Election Day is right around the corner and it all kicks off on Monday as early voting will begin at the Community Center. Up for vote will be multiple positions on the school and City boards. Early voting will run from April 23-29 while Election Day is set for May 5.
“I’m looking forward to this election season so we can hopefully see some kind of change,” said resident Milo Rodriguez. “I plan to vote for all the newcomers so that w can actually see some chanege. “
For those who will be voting for the first time, this election represents a unique opportunity to make their voice heard locally.
“I want to make my first election one that counts and hopefully we can see some change,” said ricky Espino. “I’m not saying we need new officials, but something does have to change.”
Up for election are: Micheal Vargas, Sonia Weaver, Janie Silva, Joe Gonzalez, Steve Rodriguez, Ricardo Guerra, Carol Lynn Sanchez, Mike Frazier. Election locations will be posted online.

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