Vargas responds to allegations: “These lies are entirely politically motivated.”

By Pete Banda
Managing Editor
San Benito CISD School Board President Michael Vargas is adamant that allegations of assault and inappropriate behavior recently made against him are false.
The accusations stem from an incident at a conference for Mexican American School Board Members of America (MASBA) in  late February. According to documents obtained by the NEWS last week, MASBA member Lydia Hernandez filed a complaint against Vargas after the conference, claiming that Vargas harassed a fellow MASBA board member before throwing a glass filled with water at Hernandez.  Hernandez, an Arizona teacher and MASBA board member, ultimately filed a police report against Vargas, although no other legal action has been taken as of press time Thursday.
Hernandez also filed a complaint with MASBA leadership and sent in a letter to SBCISD board members requesting that Vargas resign. However, according to the current SBCISD Board President, these allegations are false and hold no weight.


“Completely false and unfounded accusations regarding an alleged incident at a recent conference of the Mexican American School Board Association (MASBA) are being circulated in an attempt to smear my reputation and my character. These lies are entirely politically motivated,” Vargas said in an official statement.

“The persons responsible for spreading these allegations are Lydia Hernandez and Dee Dee Garcia Blase from Arizona. Hernandez is originally from the Rio Grande Valley and appears to be connected to certain local individuals with whom I am not politically aligned. I am not their first victim.”

” It saddens me that I am merely another target of these individual’s tactics. I wholeheartedly deny the false allegations and emphatically denounce these attempts to slander and defame me, my position as an elected public servant, and my professional reputation as an advocate for social justice,” added Vargas.

A police report filed by Hernandez with the San Antonio Police Department notes, however, that Vargas told officers at the time that he did not remember the events due to being, “Highly intoxicated.”

Dr. Mathias, the Executive Director of MASBA, sent a response letter to the Cartwright School District in which he adamantly denounces the accusations calling them nothing more than lies and mistruths. Mathias goes as far to say Hernandez would no longer be welcomed to Texas as a member of MASBA.

Mathias could not be reached for further comment as of press time.

Vargas was also recently awarded the Héroes de MASBA” award for the district’s five consecutive years of MASBA membership.

Vargas’s statement will be released in full in next weeks edition of the San Benito News, along with a response from Hernandez.

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    • Joe Saucedo on April 14, 2018 at 3:14 am
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    No one ever brought up the derogatory Facebook post Michael Vargas made toward our nation after Trump’s victory in the 2016 election. Even if it was on your personal Facebook page set to private, it’s still public domain, Mr. Vargas. Don’t even try getting out of that one, as individuals have it on screen shot to prove it. Many of us good citizens have had loved ones killed or injured while serving our nation overseas. And you still have the audacity to post every staged photo op on social media?

    Mr. Vargas, your smug photo ops and interviews are cringeworthy. We

  1. Well Mr.Vargas seems to forget that he is a PUBLIC SERVANT and held to a HIGHER STANDARD. And how can he say the ALLEGATIONS are False,if he told the investigating POLICE OFFICER he didn’t remember the event due to his HIGHLY INTOXICATED STATE. If rules or regulations were violated persons need to be held accountable.

    • Juan Trevino on April 13, 2018 at 11:35 am
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    What about Vargas’ previous arrest records? Vargas has alcohol related offenses that have been swept under a rug. This is fact.

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